Marketing Consulting and Coaching

Chris Boggs works personally with Small Business Owners, Enterprise Organizations, Government, and Marketing Advertising Agencies – From New Hires to Executives in IT, Marketing and Branding.

Make Your SEO and Social Media Work

Business owners, marketing executives and agencies each strive to maximize the value of their investments in SEO, paid search and social media campaigns. I am here to help cut through the jargon and drive real results. My method starts with understanding your target market, performing my own strategic research (what would I do if this was my business?), and then educating and mentoring your people to effectively implement campaigns or manage agency recommendations, with gradually less ongoing coaching.

SEO and Social Consulting

Do you have a strong understanding of who your customer is and how to reach them online through search engines and social media? Is your company integrating those tactics effectively across your marketing and Brand efforts? Because of my experience, business owners hire me to personally audit real time performance and to create or validate the strategies being used:

Training and Coaching

I train and coach people at all levels of an organization. Paid ads, Social Media, and SEO (Content Marketing) all require ongoing strategy updates based on real time performance and technology updates. Small, medium and large companies – and advertising agencies – will benefit from my years of experience training technical (IT) and marketing teams across industries:

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