Search Engine Marketing for Government & Non-Profits

Government and Non-Profits - Consulting and Coaching

Government and non-profit sites often have one thing in common: reams of valuable content that has been inconsistently integrated and updated over the years. One of the main goals of any informational organization should be to ensure that they are found within search engines, and relevant within social media. Often, it can be difficult to find long term partners that can be fully trusted to stay current and not fall into “tenure” mode, and one way to mitigate that is to have competently trained staff that can act as a check and balance for outsourced support.

  • I help Government and Not-for-profit organizations get more qualified traffic to their Web sites through search engines and social media, often by training internal existing leaders and their teams.
  • As a former Marine, I am very comfortable working within a bureaucratic environment, and understand the difference between civilian and government chain of command.
  • I have passed a security clearance within the last 5 years, in order to work with a US Government financial Web site.
  • I have experience in training and coaching within other regulated industries including Financial Services and Healthcare.

Please contact me to set up a call to discuss your specific needs.