Training & Coaching

Digital Marketing Training and Coaching

Companies and Larger Organizations: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Paid Media can take a long time to get to, depending on the amount of people or teams involved. Individuals across the office(s) can have various levels and areas of experience. I will create a custom plan for training needs within your organization, tailored to meet existing resources. I can even help with your hiring of future marketing personnel, to ensure your team is properly rounded and grows together in its efficiency of integration.

Agencies: I have extensive experience working within agency and agency-client settings at all levels of the organization and across marketing and I.T. functions. Contact me to learn more about familiar industries.

All training programs are customized to the client need, but often include 1-5 days onsite initially with ongoing weekly training via Zoom or other secure virtual communications if required, winding down to monthly then quarterly. Coaching is also dependent on the individual client as well as the individuals being trained. I will address any issues directly with the client, should he or she feel that a person may not be a good match for this type of work.

The typical ongoing commitment for Training + Coaching is a minimum of six weeks, ranging from 1-5 days initial onsite training and gradually decreasing in hours.

***Chris Boggs will fully perform all training personally and/or via telecommunication

All training includes:

  • Executive and management level training, in order to ensure organizational leaders know how and what to approve, and what is most important for ongoing success
  • Training customized with examples from your industry and your website and competitors – not just a stock PowerPoint
  • Tracks customized by department, with sessions for just IT/developers and others for only content writers/owners, for example
  • Coaching availability via phone and 48 hours notice guaranteed response time to questions and guidance requests

Tools Covered

We Train your people on use of many valuable tools, including some of the following. All tools used in training will be dependent on client customization as well as those that are currently available by client subscription. Some tools will be presented to the client as an option to consider investing in, but WTA does not benefit financially by promoting any single tool:

  • Search Console & Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics GA4
  • Google Business Profile (Formely “Google My Business”)
  • Semrush & Similar
  • Screaming Frog
  • Other third party tools