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I pledge to deliver value to my clients by helping them to get better traffic from their websites and social media campaigns, and to closely work together to grow industry prominence.

Founder & Lead Consultant: Chris Boggs

Chris Boggs - SEO Consultant & Online Marketing CoachChris Boggs official personal biography: Chris has been involved in digital marketing since 2000, helping dozens of clients directly with their SEO, Paid Search, Analytics, and Social Media. He has spoken at conferences and partner events all over the world about search engine marketing, social media, and integration tactics including the promotion of better SEO integration across marketing channels.

Chris grew up in Europe, Australia and the United States, and speaks conversational French and Dutch. Chris proudly served in the USMC, and is a soccer coach/player and golf-attempter in upstate New York.

See recommendations and more details at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisboggs

Real Business Experience

I work with businesses and agencies, helping to increase implementation rates and campaign success.

I founded Web Traffic Advisors near Saratoga Springs, New York after spending the prior 14 years advising and coaching executives, directors, and junior resources at agencies and companies ranging in size from SMBs to Fortune 100.  I am a public speaker and writer, but since 2010 the majority of my expertise has been shared privately with clients and partners across diverse industries, customized to highly variant business environments, goals and objectives.

In addition to the industries below, I help agencies that are growing into larger more complex clients, or who simply need experience on the bench or in a managed services capacity (click here for agencies)

Local Businesses

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From Autos to Zoologists, you should own your space in search engines and social media.

Financial Services

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Experience targeting qualified traffic in most business lines in banking, investments, insurance.

Retail and eCommerce

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Negotiation and implementation specialist enabling communication across execs, IT and marketing.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

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Long history of working within legal and compliance restrictions to help pharma and hospital sites grow online.

Travel and Hospitality

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From budget to luxury, single travelers to groups, I have worked with hotels, airlines, rentals, and transportation / logistics companies.

Government and Non-Profit

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Veteran-owned business with past agency-required security clearance; client and personal non-profit Board experience.

Chris Boggs - Writer and Speaker

Some of my past articles about SEO, paid search and social media dating back to 2004:

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Chris Boggs articles at SEW (assuming the SEW site is still up)

Pubcon Marketing Conference

Chris Boggs Speaker and Moderator at Pubcon


Partial List of WTA Partners and Search & Marketing Related Sites

Content Partners

Enterprise Content Writing – Partner: Acuvox

SEO Content – Partner: Content Mender

SEO Partners

SEO Services Partner – Top Hat Rank

Affiliate Marketing and otherwise genius guidance – Adam Reimer Marketing

SEO Humor

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