Experienced SEO for Pharma & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies - SEO and Social Media

Perhaps the most difficult industry to effectively optimize performance across digital media, “big pharma SEO” is a specialization for Chris Boggs since 2005. He learned in those years that internal compromise is the key to success, and that you have to push to be able to get even relatively benign recommendations implemented.

  • Work with teams on the marketing and IT sides to develop ways to meet legal and compliance requirements, while still giving the property a chance to gain exposure for key searches related to the Brand (drug).
  • Highly experienced in understanding the nuances between Brand and Non-Brand, and between HCP and Public Web sites.
  • Trained both internal and agency teams on how to handle SEO for pharma sites, as well as integration with other digital media campaigns and community building efforts

We have completed consulting, strategy, training and coaching for Healthcare companies including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Ambulatory care and other home care

Take you Pharmaceutical Brand or other Healthcare teams to the next level of digital marketing to grow Brand awareness and evangelism. Many healthcare and pharma companies are not even close to leveraging the true power of search engines and social media to drive performance, due to confusion and fear often based in Legal and Compliance. Overcome those classic hurdles by teaching your leaders and your teams how to compromise while staying “on label.” Please set up a call to learn more.