Experience in Brand, Legal and Compliance, and Meeting Performance Goals for Financial Services Organizations

Since 2005, I have worked with over two dozen financial service companies, with responsibilities ranging from search engine optimization to paid and social media strategy and implementation; and eventually functioning within steering committees and high level marketing meetings in an integration capacity. I am comfortable across a number of business lines, with most of my experience coming in banking and insurance.

  • Banks – Local, regional, national, and global banks, both private and commercial. Deposits, Loans, and Credit Cards
  • Insurance – Starting with health insurance back in 2000, I have worked across many lines but especially in car/auto, health, and life. I also have experience working with re-insurance and risk-based insurance among other developing areas.
  • Investments – Ranging from asset management content to investment banking

I have spent a considerable amount of time with banks while part of an agency delivering on a Web site build or redesign. My role grew in importance because of my ability to work with leadership and teams to ensure timely recommendations completion, delivery and understanding, as well as a fostering efficient legal and compliance processes that merge with the process instead of causing delays. Set up a call to learn more about how I can help your qualified online traffic grow!